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Welcome to the site for the Early Music in St Luke’s Chapel Series, about to embark on its sixth season. The intimate space that is St Luke’s Cathedral Chapel is a perfect venue for the performance of chamber music, offering a marvelous acoustic combined with a lovely and intimate setting. Reminiscent in character of the intimate spaces where much of this music was first performed, only a little fantasy is required to imagine yourself in a salon at a European court.


Tickets for all performances are available at the door: $15, and $10 for seniors (students 17 and under,  free)

Concerts in the 2017-2018 Season:

  • An Age of Invention: Music of 17th-Century Italy for ‘Cello and Theorbo
  • Timothy Burris, theorbo & Raffael Scheck, ‘cello
  • 9/2/17, at 7pm
  • 17th-century Italy witnessed unparalleled musical experimentation, including the creation and expansion of improvisatory instrumental styles. Three of the many remarkable talents of the era were Domenico Gabrielli, Giovanni Girolamo Kapsberger, and Girolamo Frescobaldi. Domenico Gabrielli’s historical significance is due to his virtuosity on the ‘cello, and as the composer of some of the earliest music for the instrument. His canons, ricercares and sonatas showcase both an advanced performing technique and a keen awareness of the instrument’s sonority. Giovanni Girolamo Kapsberger, nicknamed “Il Tedesco della tiorba” (‘the German of the theorbo’) composed for lute and theorbo, but also in several other genres, to great acclaim. Arguably the most famous of the three was Girolamo Frescobaldi. Although best known for his keyboard works including his magical Fiori musicali (which contains no fewer than three organ masses!), he penned a toccata which names lute as one of the performance options, his “Toccata per Spinettina sola, over Liuto”. These and other works provide an introduction to the Italian style of the 17th century.


  • A Baroque Christmas
  • With special guest Jon Pourpore, violin and voice
  • 12/2/16, at 7pm
  • This annual Christmas concert combines seasonal music of the the Renaissance and Baroque with period readings.


  • English music for broken consort
  • 1/21/17, at 7pm
  • One of the more lively forms of music popular ca 1600 in England was the broken consort. Unlike a consort of viols or recorders, where all instruments were of the same family, albeit of various sizes, a broken consort consists of instruments of various types, lutes, viols, violins, etc.
    The program features music by William Lawes, Matthew Locke, Peter Phillips, Thomas Morley, and Christopher Simpson, among others. Rounding out the program of ensemble works are unaccompanied solo pieces for gamba, lute, and violin.
  • Featured artists are: Kathryn Sytsma and Todd Borgerding, viola da gamba; Seth Warner, lute; Michael Albert, violin and recorder; Timothy Burris, lute.


  • Italian and English continuo songs
  • Music’s Quill, with special guest Raffael Scheck, ‘cello
  • 2/18/17, at 7pm
  • Continuo playing was an art practiced by players of chordal instruments throughout Europe for roughly two centuries starting around 1600. The instruments used varied from keyboard (organ and harpsichord) to plucked (theorbo, lute, guitar, and harp) and bowed strings (lirone, bass viol, and violoncello). The essence of the practice was a vocal or instrumental line (or lines) over a bass line, with or without figures (which indicated the intervals above the bass line to be played by the accompanist). In short, the accompaniment was almost entirely improvised.
    The program features songs by Giulio Caccini and Henry Purcell, among others, as well as instrumental solos by Domenico Gabrielli and Giovanni Girolamo Kapsberger.
    Featured artists are: Timothy Neill Johnson, tenor; Raffael Scheck, ‘cello; Timothy Burris, lute and theorbo.


  • Airs de cour à deux
  • NOTE: The originally scheduled program of tenor duets will be featured in the Portland Conservatory’s Early Music Festival this coming October 28th.
  • 3/18/17, at 7pm
  • The program features duets for mezzo-soprano and tenor, as well as an assortment of solo airs. Joëlle Morris and Timothy Neill Johnson are accompanied by Timothy Burris in works by Gabriel Bataille, Pierre Guédron, and Michel Lambert. Solo works by Robert Ballard and Robert de Visée fill out the program.



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